From post-grads to execs, we’re still all united in our quest for work-life balance.

JetBlue Chairman Joel Peterson offers some powerful advice when it comes to maintaining the two: Don’t do it alone. A team to share your successes (and failures) with ensures that you have a crew to help handle – as Peterson puts it – “those existential concerns”:

Wealth, power, fame and influence – perhaps all well and good – don’t reliably deliver satisfaction or meaning in life. I submit that meaning comes from the ability to look back with pride and to look forward with peace, knowing that those we’ve worked with and cared for are better off for having known us. If recent graduates could be sure of these, they might choose to live with their team in mind.

Peterson outlines a list of five hints to help navigate career opportunities and anxieties. Handle long-term success, learning how to give back, mounting a comeback… it’s all part of the long-term goal of achieving harmony in work and life.

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