Take a look at today’s most mobile design applications.

At The Breakroom, we’re always looking for ways to simplify life on-the-job. Smartphone and tablet technology has made that search easier than ever. But with so many options – apps, in particular – how do you decide on the most convenient technology type for your job? We recently came across an article in Metropolis Magazine that helps you cut through the clutter and discover some of the best apps for architects and designers. Designed with architects and designers in mind, these apps lend a hand with visual aids, sensors and transformative technology that turns resources into shareable collages. Metropolis Magazine recommends the following:

Estiluz: Developed by a California-based lighting company, this app allows consumers to visualize lighting designs before they make a purchase.

Locometric RoomScan: Aiming to simplify a once-complex process, this app promises to give accurate measurements of a room with the simple touch of a smartphone to its walls.

Morpholio Board: This new “project board” app allows users to transform a library of online resources into elegant collages and enables users to share their projects.

This is just a sampling of some of the apps changing the face of architecture and design. Check out the complete list over at Metropolis Magazine.