Can “strategic slacking” make your work day more efficient?

Is your work day controlled entirely by tasks? It might be time to re-think your approach, argues Christine Carter, Ph.D., author of The Sweet Spot. By implementing more time to do less, Carter suggests that mental breaks actually boost both the quality and quantity of work completed in any given day. She shares her insights on The Huffington Post:

Here’s the truth: I slack off not because I’m lazy or don’t care about being productive. In fact, I’ve found that slacking off makes me more productive because I slack strategically–meaning that I take breaks at designated times, for regular intervals, in ways that sharpen my focus when I sit back down to work.

So, how does one slack their way to being more efficient? First, designate time for “think work.” Tune out all distractions – email, phone and the like – when tackling your toughest tasks. You may feel the need to multitask, but it takes away from the quality of your work (and, consequently, wastes more time). And don’t forget to reward yourself with breaks. Remember recess? Tap into your elementary school roots with a short, mid-day break. A short walk or snack can work wonders to enhance creativity. And these tips don’t just apply to the office. Make the most of time at home by getting enough sleep, spending enough time with family and establishing a bedtime routine that helps you unwind.

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