When working in a group situation, it can be difficult to foster creative contributions from the team. But a few tweaks to your listening style can help promote innovative ideas. Wondering how to encourage each other to think outside of the box and express our ideas confidently? A perfect place to start is by attentively listening. Huffington Post advises:

Hear what all the other people are saying, and allow their ideas into your head, into your intellect. They will find refuge or rebuke, but either way they will find something in you. Most importantly, listen to the very last few sentences the other participants use. So often people will summarize their thoughts in a concise and much more sensible fashion at the conclusion of their presentation.

After listening to others, you must begin trusting that many of the ideas flying around in your own head – whether big or small – are worthwhile and important enough for your colleagues to hear. Many unexpected sparks ignite from shared idea discussions. Another quick tip: presenting ideas in the form of a statement, rather than a question, helps express the confidence behind an idea, even aiding in achieving buy-in.

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