Did you know we make instant judgments in the span of about 100 milliseconds? And once that judgment is made, it’s difficult for us to change our minds. These points illustrate the speed at which a first impression can be made – and how it sticks. It’s not all about eye contact and a firm handshake. It turns out that listening, instead of talking about yourself, works wonders to gain the trust of your new acquaintance. Huffington Post reports:

If you want to establish trust, “Let the other person speak first or have the floor first,” social psychologist Ann Cuddy recommends. “I think people make the mistake, especially in business settings, of thinking that everything is negotiation. They think, ‘I better get the floor first so that I can be in charge of what happens,’” she adds. “The problem with this is that you don’t make the other person feel warmth toward you. Warmth is really about making the other person feel understood. They want to know that you understand them.”

Setting an intention prior to your first meeting is another useful tool to maximize your interaction. Visualize who it is you are meeting, and what you want the ultimate goal achieved to be. Thoughtfully letting your guard down during certain portions of your conversation can be both endearing and empowering, allowing you to better connect. And whenever possible, always opt for an in-person meeting over video chat.

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