With the right planning, you can create an idyllic home office setting that inspires productivity.

No commute, no problem, right? But having an office at home has its own unique challenges, such as isolation and distractions. To help you take advantage of sharing a workspace with a living space, Inc. offers six ideas for enhancing productivity and bringing balance to the home office environment.

  1. Optimize your space. Designate a space for work only, and invest in an organizational system.
  2. Add some greenery. Did you know plants have been shown to increase happiness and productivity?
  3. Set boundaries. Disruptions can derail your day. Communicate about when you will and won’t be available, and screen calls.
  4. Keep regular hours. Flexible hours are a perk, but not when you’re pulling an all-nighter. Stay focused and productive with reasonable, regular work hours.
  5. Keep up with tech. Know how your technology works, keep it up to date and back up your work.
  6. Take a break. Stepping away from work for 10-30 minutes can keep your brain sharp.

Along with these tips, flexibility and being mindful of what does and doesn’t work in your home office can help you find ways to make enhancements to your environment. Take a closer look at how to maximize productivity in a work-from-home setting.