Boost your career with some top-level recognition.

It can be tough to catch the attention of your company’s CEO outside of awkward elevator interactions. But five simple strategies can help you get attention in a way that will provide long-term opportunities without railroading colleagues and superiors. Fast Company reports:

  1. Introduce yourself. Be brief, specific and positive in your introduction. If you’ve met before (but aren’t sure he or she will be able to place your name), give a bit of context and a company topic to talk about.
  2. Volunteer for projects. If you’re in a meeting and a project opportunity arises that happens to be in your wheelhouse, raise your hand. This is your chance to be seen – and show initiative.
  3. Enlist the help of your manager. If you have a good relationship with your direct manager, don’t hesitate to ask for a chance to see our CEO in action. A manager secure in their own position will have no problem obliging.
  4. Don’t overstep boundaries. Don’t get noticed for the wrong reasons. Respect hierarchy and company protocols. And don’t breeze into the CEO’s office unannounced for a spontaneous chat.
  5. Hone your writing and presenting skills. Writing well and presenting confidently are two essential skills for those looking to climb the corporate ladder. If you’re more articulate, prepared, thoughtful, humorous and/or convincing than your peers, the CEO will remember you.

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