Impart wisdom effectively with five proven strategies.

Lessons aren’t just for teachers. Regardless of your career, you most likely will be called upon to teach something at some point. Perhaps it’s training a team, instructing a colleague or simply helping your child. And anyone who has taught before knows that not all student audiences are the same. Luckily, there are several teaching approaches to choose from to enable you to best address your learners. Take, for example, compartmentalizing the content of your lesson. elaborates:

Most people can’t absorb a large amount of content all at once. They need to learn it in smaller bites and apply aspects immediately for it to take root. Take your content and separate the key ideas into multiple lessons. Create short and powerful segments that tell compelling stories with a striking learning moment at the end. If they like that segment, they will undoubtedly come back for more.

Other effective tips, such as keeping your lesson entertaining and giving your audience actionable takeaways, can put you on the path to teaching success. Read the full list at