You don’t have to let stress run – or ruin – your life. These coping strategies will help you become more resilient.

A little bit of stress is part of daily life. But too much stress can impact your productivity, your relationships and even your health. Being aware of stress and creating positive, lasting habits can help you react with resilience. Forbes offers these five coping strategies:

  1. Create a structure and culture of re-charging. Don’t make the act of de-stressing a one-off treat. An occasional spa day isn’t going to suddenly smooth out your life.
  2. Schedule happiness. Do three things you enjoy every day, such as taking a walk or calling a friend.
  3. Practice essentialism. Whittle down unnecessary tasks so you can dive deeply into the practices that make a lasting impact on your life.
  4. Observe your thoughts. Be aware of your negative thoughts and challenge them. How you’re thinking leads to what you’re thinking – reframe your emotions so you’re thinking positively.

Along with these strategies, Forbes notes that just being aware of stress can help you manage it more effectively to bring more balance to your life. Ready to tackle stress? Practice these game-changing habits.