Inspiring students to learn goes beyond the books.

It can be tough to keep up with educational design trends. But perhaps the biggest hallmark of 21st century classroom layout is departing from traditional lesson plans to instead create an immersive environment that engages students in learning. Easier said than done? Not with these tips from Metropolis. They’ve compiled 10 tips to benefit designers aiming to create a modern learning experience for students. In a list of tips ranging from initial construction design to the arrangement of classroom desks, Metropolis includes:

Engaged learning can’t always happen in neat rows. People need to get their hands dirty. They need to feel, experience, and build. In this interactive environment, the role of the teacher is transformed from the expert telling people the answer to an enabler of learning. Step away from the front of the room and find a place to engage with your learners as the “guide on the side.”

The design magazine offers further advice on allowing for variation, allowing teachers to engage and creating a “question-friendly” environment for students, among others. Ultimately, creating a space that supports collaborative, immersed learning is the driving trend of modern education.

Read the complete list of tips at Metropolis.