Trying to discover a better you? Start by listening to what others have to share.

What is it about TED talks that have struck a chord among listeners worldwide? It might have something to do with the accessible learning and inspiration they provide. Or the viewer-friendly format that allows us to see and hear someone communicate directly. has compiled a list of 10 TED talks that represent the best of what the series has to offer. You might be surprised by what you learn. Take, for example, this quip from Tony Robbins, author of Ted Talk titled “Why We Do What We Do”:

Your model of the world is what shapes you long term. Your model of the world is the filter. That’s what’s shaping us. It makes people make decisions. To influence somebody, we need to know what already influences them.

Robbins discusses the “invisible forces” that motivate our actions and help define our success. But the list doesn’t stop there. Talks encompassing the science of happiness, career roadblocks and simply trying something new for 30 days could be just the message you need to help discover something new within.

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